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If the student can't get the required signatures, the system will not allow that student to try out. "My preference is not to have teachers involved and let outside sponsors make the decision," board Chairman Ronnie Abercrombie said. The board majority overruled his position, in part, because they believe that judges should judge cheerleaders on more than ability. "There has to be some method to factor in things other than athletic talent," board member Susan Puckett said.

Puckett initially wanted the sponsor to have a voice, but the board agreed to follow Universal Cheerleading Association recommendations and remove the sponsor as a judge. The new policy will use outside judges who do not reside within 30 miles of the Hartselle school system. The policy requires judges who have had no previous contact with any of the cheerleading candidates. Hartsell requested that the sponsors come to the board and explain their selection Flat Rate Settlements process.

Cooper defended the selection process during the board's Feb. 19 meeting, but she and Wilson resigned the following day. "There is no wrong or right way to select cheerleaders," Hartsell said. From the beginning of Tuesday's meeting, the board majority agreed that outside judges would be used. There was some talk about letting the outside judges count 80 percent and the sponsors' opinions 20 percent.

The board rejected this request from several cheerleader parents who attended the meeting. Retired teacher Catherine Sims was the Hartselle High sponsor for 17 years. She said one of the keys to selecting cheerleaders is picking students who can inspire others to cheer for the teams. Outside judges will not be able to know this in one day, she said. The board agreed to mull over the proposed policy until their March 18 meeting.